Chic and Stylish Velvet Pillow

Super Chic

Super Easy

Crafted in blue velvet for a young boy’s (grown up) room.

It’s so easy the instructions are in point form…

  • Decide how large you would like your font. Use chalk to determine the most appealing font position and placement. I used Times New Roman, Bold.
  • Print and hand baste your paper print out of your font selection. Use a stabilizer on the wrong side while sewing if necessary. I used a wash away stabilizer.
  • Sew along the perimeter of your font, using a smaller stitch for greater visual impact. This will also help you make smooth transitions around the outline of your font. Lift your sewing foot and drop your needle when necessary to make manual adjustments. I used a heavy top stitching thread in white. Carefully pull away the paper.
  • That’s it!

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