Q & A, Electric Vs. Manual Upholstery Staplers

Linan Asks,

Hi Sophia,

I need to reupholster my 6 dining chairs and am wondering what type of staple gun I need to buy.I came across your video on youtube, where you were using an electric staple gun. What’s the brand / model? Will you recommend it?
Thanks a lot!


Hello Linan,

I have only ever used two brands of staplers. My pneumatic staplers have always been fasco, and the one you saw in the video is the only electric stapler i have ever owned. It is the Maestri 3G-71. Upholstery staplers are available in a few  gauges , the  71 series being the most universal.  Both of my tools require 71 series 3/8 crown staples. (22 gauge) These are called “fine wire staples”.

The Maestri is equivalent to using an air tool in performance. In fact since Iv’e owned it, I have rarely used my Fasco pneumatic stapler! It is that good. The best thing about using an electric stapler like the Maestri is that you don’t have to listen to a compressor.

If you plan on buying an inexpensive tool for a quick DIY project ensure that it is rated “heavy duty”. Buy your tool at a hardware store, versus a craft store. These manual tools, commonly sold by Arrow or Stanley for example, run on staples with a heavier gauge and that is ok. Make sure the leg of your staple is at least 3/8″.
Basic manual staplers will drive into particle board, but you will find that your staples won’t drive into wood or plywood completely.  When this occurs, you will have to drive the staples in individually with a hammer. When working with a manual stapler I suggest you work with a partner. You will need two hands to depress most basic staplers.

If you are looking for a premium manual stapler, look for the Rocama / Maestri brand. This brand is common in Europe, but difficult to find in North America. Floyd Tool no longer carries them due to distribution changes, however they are clearing out their remaining stock. They have one 80 series and four 71 series manual staplers left. Regularly priced at $75, they are going for $2o each plus shipping! Give Tom at Floyd Tool a call at 800-882-7060.


Rocama / Maestri Manual Upholstery Stapler

In North America, the Maestri Electric stapler is available from these retailers:



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