About Create

Create began as diyonlinemag.com at the start of the transition to online publishing from paper. It was early, and many who entered this foray soon realized that youtube would dominate with it’s advertising model.

Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the wrong ytube account, along with my video which amassed more then 80,000 views. Unable to remember my password, my ytube account and the video was never restored. Some time after, I did not renew the original domain name, and the files sat until now. The registration process was added to deter plagiarizing, which was rampant and far reaching. Around the world, professional websites and blogs published my material without permission.

By registering you will join more than 2,000 people that have signed in to learn a new skill. I have always believed DIY is somewhat of a misnomer, as we really are DIT. All we have to do is ask.



Taking a break during photography: Slipcovered Parsons Chair from my book, DIY Tailored Slipcovers.
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