Q & A, Upholstery Webbing

This question came in via the youtube forum in response to the “how to upholster a chair” video.


I am just getting to upholstery work, but is it not easier for the novice to use webbing and springs for
the seating? Not everyone has the tools readily available to cut plywood.


It all depends on your frame limitations. For the chair in the lesson, webbing would not be possible. To staple webbing into a frame, the wood frame needs to be an ample width and it should be in good condition. Half an inch is too narrow, one inch is ideal.  If you find it difficult to pull the webbing tight , the job will be easier with a webbing stretcher. To staple webbing , anchor one end—then pull tight at the other end and staple across the webbing. At both ends you will fold the webbing back on itself and staple across the width of the webbing again. When you have stapled across the width of the webbing twice, you can go ahead and trim the excess webbing. Because the webbing gets folded back on itself it does create some bulk. Depending on how your chair was originally constructed you may or may not be able to substitute a plywood base for webbing and vice versa. If you have reservations about cutting wood, or you do not own a jigsaw, there are many small shops that would cut your template for a small fee.

Let me know if you have more questions!

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